О стриптиз-клубе «Cheeky Girls»


Dear friends! The

I'm glad that you showed interest in the club "Cheeky Girls" (Chiki Gerls), and went to our site. The network of our clubs is not the only one in the south of Russia, but it has a number of competitive advantages.

Which, I will describe below!


Clubs "Cheeky Girls" (Chiki Gerls) are always located in the city center, so we are easy to find, even if you came to visit from another region. Also, an important aspect is the availability of parking and location on the central street.


Each of our employees belongs to the guest with genuine respect and attention, so there is absolutely no "Consummation" in the club "Cheeky Girls" (Chiki Gels). None of the staff will not extort money from you or beg, as often happens in other clubs. We are prohibited from any attempts by employees to maximize the expenses of the guest. The motto of the work of staff: "More fun for less money." We pay special attention to the beauty, well-groomedness and tightness of our dancers who really will not leave you indifferent.


The club "Cheeky Girls" (Chiki Gerls) is not our first project. We already have a network of striptease clubs "Province", a network of hookah "Dymok", as well as restaurant projects. All this allows us to treat the business process with understanding, and provide our guests with the best offers on the market, which is very important. After all, the guest is demanding and attentive, and he understands where he really is pleasant and interesting. Therefore, we are confident of success!

Discount program

Visiting us at least once you get a discount card that gives you the right to receive a "Privat" dance as a gift on a subsequent visit. If your account in "Cheeky Girls" exceeds 30000 rubles, you will get a gold card, which from the next visit will give you the right to free admission and a compliment from the barman, and of course the premium accommodation in the VIP zone. With a single account exceeding 80,000 rubles, you will receive a platinum card that, in addition to the privileges described above, will give you the option of transferring to and from the club, to the location of your deployment. You just need to call during the working hours of the club, and we'll send for you a car, and after your rest we'll take it back.

Also we invite you to visit our club in the city


Sincerely yours, The founder of the network of clubs "Cheeky Girls" (Chiki Gerls) Sergei Semkin